There is no such thing as a standard  iPARTY gig… Depending on your budget, we can come as an 8 piece or a 15 piece band. You could meet somewhere in the middle and have us as an 11 piece!


iPARTY is made up of the best session musicians in the UK, including an unbelievable brass section, incredible BV section, one of a kind string section and world class vocals all delivered to you with a high energy infectious performance.


It’s up to you how many of us you want at your event. We think bigger is better but no matter the size of our band, we always deliver excellence and will make your event unforgettable.


We pride ourselves on the fact that we will always put you first… your event, your timings, your favourite songs.


We can co-ordinate everything…. even making sure our outfits complement your colour scheme.


We care about the detail.


Below are some extra variations of iPARTY;


The amazing Dawn Elektra and one of our incredible musicians
performing in a more intimate setting for you… perhaps during a ceremony. We have had the privilege of singing for the most beautiful brides as they walk down the aisle…


1-3 musicians playing for you and your guests to set the ambience. This could be one of our saxophonists and a pianist playing some standards as you sip champagne before the evening party… Or Dawn Elektra and a pianist/guitarist playing some of your favourite songs as you mingle with your guests or enjoy a meal…it’s a must for any live music fan.




+DJ – If you would like to dance some more after iPARTY have rocked their live set, we can provide you with our iPARTY DJ. You are guaranteed NO tack, Only the best floor fillers to keep the party going. Let us deal with all the hassle and make it the best night of your life.


+STAGING – From our experience, it looks amazing to have a proper stage. It really adds to the live band experience. We can provide you with quality staging… we already have all of the best contacts in the industry, so you don’t have to clutter your list of jobs or get ripped off by a cowboy.


+LIGHTING – There’s nothing worse than a dance floor without disco lights. We can provide you with lighting to make sure the atmosphere is just right for people to let go of their inhibitions and show off their best moves!


+BACKDROP – A slick backdrop will add to the extra special look of the evening, we can provide you with a backdrop that covers any nasty wall paper/ closed off areas of the room. We love a sparkly one…


+SOUND ENGINEER -  Often called the ‘unseen member of the band’, our sound engineer makes sure it sounds the best it possibly can. This makes iPARTY happy and you happy.


Lastly, but certainly not least, for those of you who also believe that bigger is better, this last option has your name on it….





So you want Dawn Elektra to sing at your ceremony?


Consider it done.


You want the best entertainment to serenade your guests whilst you sip champagne?




You want the biggest, baddest band we can put together… a huge brass section, all of our musicians and vocalists playing exclusively for you and your guests?




You would like us to take care of all of the trimmings- the best of everything-sound, lighting, DJ & PA?


Yep, consider it done.


The iPARTY Platinum experience is all of the above and even more if you wish… If you can think of it, we will make it happen.


You tell us the date, we do the rest…